Why isn’t my homepage indexed?

Is your website’s home page not being indexed by Google? In a podcast, Google’s expert team shared some technical and non-technical reasons that might be affecting your webpage. They suggested fixing technical issues such as content optimization, updating site maps and waiting patiently.

We will call a page indexed if the Google Crawler has visited and stored it in Google Index.

Here are some key takeaways from our blog post

1. There’s a big difference between “ My page isn’t indexed” and ”My page isn’t Ranking”.

2. Page indexing depends upon various technical and non-technical factors.

3. Long-time SEO success depends upon the quality and structure of your site.

4. When choosing SEO over SEM, you must learn to be patient if the page is not being indexed.

Martin, John, and Gary the team of Google discussed in a podcast the potential reasons why your website or page is not indexed, both from a technical and quality perspective. The discussion was all about the technical and non-technical factors of page indexing.

What are the Technical Factors Indexation?

- Googlebot might not be able to access the website.

- Googlebot might be barred by the robots.txt file.

- It's possible that no other pages are linked to the main URL.

Keep a note that a company providing Website Development services should focus on these mentioned points so that it may not create trouble during the SEO process.

How to resolve these issues?

- You must check your server logs to discover if Googlebot is crawling your homepage to address these problems.

- A robot.txt guides google through your site, it may contain a directive such as a no index meta tag that is blocking the homepage.

- Sometimes Google doesn’t index the home page but the canonical page is indexed. It’s important to check the redirections from the homepage.

- Make sure all internal pages of your website contain links back to the homepage. If users have trouble finding the homepage, Googlebot will too.

What are non-technical indexing factors?

- The search engine may not index the page if it contains dummy text or template text, or copyright notices.

- Google prefers quality content over quantity therefore your content must be E-E-A-T.

- If the website’s homepage had been restricted for policy concerns and hosted as spam or poor-quality content, It will review the page before re-indexing it.

Patience and through troubleshooting are needed to identify and resolve these problems. By reviewing server logs, auditing redirects, and enhancing site architecture, technical issues including crawler blocks, canonicalization failures, and a lack of internal links can be resolved.

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